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cleaning Solar  Panel's  In The tyne & wear / north east area

All solar panels regardless of location need to be cleaned. Anything that blocks the light transmission to your solar pv ( or thermal ) panels has the potential to lower the performance. Salt from coastal locations, dust and grime from busy roads or railways can significantly decrease the output of your system. Research shows that if you never clean your solar panels you can have a loss of power as high as 30%.

Solar panels manufactures do not recommend using chemicals of any kind when cleaning solar panels. Even water with high mineral content such as tap water can leave deposits on the panels and reduce their performance. You need purified water to wash the panels, we use the a reach and wash system which consists of a soft bristled brush with jets of purified water, the panels are then left to dry.

It is recommended by solar panel installers that you should have the panels cleaned with professional solar panel cleaning equipment at least once every six months in urban areas and more often in rural farming areas every three months will ensure you are getting the full effect out of your solar panels.

Our solar panel cleaning team are fully trained to top level so we can ensure you they no the right equipment to use to get your solar panels sparkling clean and they are also fully insured with public liability insurance that covers the solar panel cleaning team for ten million pounds. All solar panel staff are IPAF trained so if they ever need to use mobile elevating work platforms they no the best and safest manner to do so.


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We also do Deep Cleans on Interior & Exterior Buildings 

Solar Panel Cleaning Sunderland

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